Tuesday, March 06, 2007

If humans can't, at least machines talk to each other (2):

Future plans ...

The comment by Piotr Naskrecki (Director of Invertebrate Conservation at Conservation International ) about future development of the proprietary data in their recent ant catalogue CD-Rom reminded me about a blog I wrote last June TEAM initiative at Conservation International.

When I actually zoomed into their site, based on quiet some work on invertebrates, there is still no data accessible, just an announcement that there will.

TEAM is part of Conservation International, one of the lead institutions in the Conservation Commons, which signed up to make their data openly accessible.

A statement on making data accessible in another Harvard University Press based project with Piotr Nascrecki's involvement, Wilson's Pheidole, is since August 2003 up in the air with the same promise to be open access. Actions and access count, promises not.


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