Friday, May 02, 2008

Access to Data

I just came across two two initiatives well worth exploring

Open Government Data

This is an initiative aiming at making governmental data accessible, with its OpenDataPrinciples. I have now clue, how important this initiative is regarding having an effect.

Landsat data through USGS

Imagery for Everyone…
Timeline Set to Release Entire USGS Landsat Archive at No Charge.

Landsat scenes can be previewed and downloaded using the USGS Global Visualization Viewer at [under “Select Collection”
choose Landsat archive: L7 SLC-off (2003-present)]. Scenes can also be selected using the USGS Earth Explorer tool at [under “Select Your Dataset” choose Landsat Archive: L7 SLC-off (2003-present)]. For further information on Landsat
satellites and products, see


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